Admin reset does not work on windows for pro2


First evening with NitrokeyPro2 and i locked it.

My assumption is i either made a typo or the application accepted an admin password <8 characters. Either way, it needs to be reset.

  • Tried with --admin to no avail (suggesting an admin pwd <8 chars was accepted)

  • tried with cryptostickreset


    CryptoStickReset by Dr. P. Koch (, compiled at 29.5.2016 21:21:06

    Reader: Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro 0, found card

    Using Smart Card / Stick in PC/SC Reader ‘Nitrokey Nitrokey Pro 0’

    Selecting OpenPGP-AID: OK
    Reading Serial number: V3.3, 0000nnnn

    OpenPGP-V1 card does not support resetting algorithm

Workaround as from with a small shift

as for option 3 Download and install GPG4WIN + reset script (nitrokey-reset.bat)

ADJUST THE PATH in the nitrokey-reset.bat script to the path where gpg4win installed