Any plans for USB-C instead of legacy USB A?


As an Apple user I run into the trouble that I only have USB-C connection on my computers. I understand and support Apple to do so, as the USB-C has also mechanical advantages. So I wonder if you plan to sell in the near future your NK’s with USB-C connection ?

PS: I don’t look for better speed or the “inside” of USB-C - more from a mechanical point of view


Would an adapter cable (from USB A to USB C) work?


LOL - that’s how I do it today - and there are a lot of rat tails available by Apple - but I don’t like them.

In my mind any Crypto Token is like a key and you don’t use an adapter to put the key into a lock. I think USB- A as a connection is not a show-stopper, but USB-C might be a better feature. And people with only legacy HW might then use an adapter :rofl:



we are indeed considering to use USB-C. Still, backwards compatibility is a good thing. Honestly, I don’t know what’s the status right now. :wink: But, thanks for letting us know your opinion!

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I am also interested in USB-C variants and hopefully with FIDO2 compliance :wink: This is what blocks me from buying Nitrokey. Instead I went with alternative open source key with USB-C and FIDO2.

Smartphones, tablets, computers (desktops/laptops), keyboards, headphones, etc. now have USB-C support. Even the new iPad Pro uses USB-C connector. Buying USB-A means you end up with adapter for all of these devices.


I agree with @davidit. It’s really a hassle to still have to use USB-A when my phone, notebook and even my desktop computer have USB-C ports.

A YEAH for an usb-c variant! :slight_smile: