Are You Kidding Nitrokey?

Are you kidding ?

I was considering your product as an alternative to Yubikey.

The first page I looked at on your site was; … of-the-pin

I noticed mistakes;

  1. “Nitrokey Pro, Nitrokey HSM and Nitrokey Storage contain a tamper resistant smart card. To some extend this also applies to Nitrokey U2F but it’s of lower quality. Nitrokey Start is implemented in the microprocessor.”

Correction: ‘extend’ should be ‘extent’

  1. “Nitrokey uses PINs instead of passwords. The main differende is that the hardware limits the amount of tries to three while a limit doesn’t exist for passwords.”

Correction: ‘differende’ should be ‘difference’.

I must trust my safety and security with your company’s completeness and thoroughness.
I can conclude that your company is not trustworthy in this regard, if you cannot use a simple, free
dictionary to spell check and grammatically present yourself on your website.

I understand English may not be your primary language, however the mistakes on your website are in my opinion inexcusable.

Gude-Bie :wink:

Typos are fixed now. Thanks.

Well the mistakes have now been fixed, and thanks to you Nitrokey is now more secure than ever! You should definitely buy it! :nerd: