Availability of FIDO key?

I bought the 02 november 2017 the FIDO key that was supposed to ship by winter.
Now it’s june 2018. I got no email updates about delays in between. Eight months.
Today I have ordered a U2Fzero ( https://www.u2fzero.com ).

LOL - my story started even a bit earlier and I am still waiting. If you order now, they tell you a shipment date of “summer 2018” . The really interesting part is, what will be shipped: FIDO V1 or V2. I hope they will ship it with FIDO V2 as the Version 1 is soon obsolete. Wait and see …:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We will ship the devices with FIDO U2F support. This is why they are called “Nitrokey FIDO U2F”. :slight_smile:

FIDO U2F is very much compatible to FIDO2/WebAuthentication so that U2F devices are expected to continue to be used for several more years.

It’s very unfortunate that we had to postpone the delivery date repeatedly but we don’t want to ship an unreliable or insecure device. Please stay tuned…

I agree to wait with shipping until the banana has a yellow color and not finishing when I have it on my desk. But to post-pone it a year ? Have you started to take order at the time you have had the seed of the bananas ? Looks a bit like - so next time I would clearly announce that this is a type of “are you interested in” test

Sometimes ready bananas get rotten unexpectedly and such cannot be
shipped to customers, so you get another plantation.

So the farmer has a problem, but the bank is still in good shape :smiley: - ok, interest rates are anyhow down. I cross my fingers that that next plantation is better handled - otherwise the farmer should be exchanged

I went to the U2FZero website, which I didn’t know.
Compared to NK here, it looks more like a single guy soldering in his backyard (even with pictures of the workbench), but that’s OK -after all, I’m here basically in reaction to learning that Google decided to attack this market too, so I definitely favor newcomers.
My main worry is reliability though.
The advertisement hint ‘put it on your keyring’, showing a couple of naked key circuits attached together, had a chilling effect.
I know I just could wrap something around the key, but… in this photo, having such tiny circuits touching actual metal keys in my pocket -or even each other… I’d say : lifetime = 30 mn :wink:

Today there on the website is shipping in october 18. Will it be ready next month?

I got this email from Nitrokey today. So excited!

We are pleased to inform you that the waiting has come to an end. The development of the Nitrokey FIDO U2F is finished and its production is in full swing. We will ship the Nitrokeys from Monday and all pre-orders should be shipped by the end of next week.

I think we will see our FIDO keys soon!

Hey, good news. While I have not received this email, I hope I will get my two keys also soon !

[Update] They arrived ! Excellent news. Now I will investigate how I could use them.

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