Bios and Processor Hard Drive Compatability

Can anyone please tell me if the bios and the processor would be compatable with a new hard drive without a nitrokey… Many thanks

Hey @sim,

can I please kindly ask you to formulate your questions so that people have a chance to understand what you are referring to?

As from the other thread I assume “the bios and the processor” refer to a Nitropad? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Further you can swap the hard-drive at any time with any SATA 2.5’’ hard-drive. This does not introduce any incompatibility, by further guessing what you are looking for it looks like you are asking, if you can use your Nitropad without your Nitrokey. Here the answer is yes, but you have been struggling with this (referring to the other thread), so another hard-disk will for sure not help you achieving this goal.

So please write support@, refer to this thread and we will find a solution for you.

Yes of course @daringer
I started another heading because of the change of subject matter.
Indeed I am referring to my nitropad at present with a nitrokey…
My thoughts were that if I was unable to get anywhere with the nitrokey, can the existing hard drive be reformatted to accept a standard usb os boot, from a boot menu?
Would the qubes os need to be the specially created qubes os or would it need to be a standard qubes os, bearing in mind the modified bios?
Appololgies for the original vagueness.

generally the Nitropad modifications go beyond the hard-drive and the installed OS. Namely the Bios chip(s) are flashed with another firmware (Heads + Coreboot), this is what you see during boot (Heads).

So the short answer is: no
The long answer is: maybe, but only with special equipment to flash the bios chip (it’s an absolutely not trivial process to do this)

Ok @daringer, so that means I would have to change the bio chip and lose it’s benefits…

yup, exactly