Bricked my crypto stick?

I was trying to set up my crypto stick for use with PuTTY, and apparently managed to brick it somehow. Neither gpg, nor opensc seem to work with it anymore, and even CryptoStickReset.exe reports an error:[code]Reader: German Privacy Foundation Crypto Stick v1.2 0, found card

Using Smartcard in PC/SC Reader ‘German Privacy Foundation Crypto Stick v1.2 0’

Selecting OpenPGP-AID: SW=6285

invalid card type[/code]Is there anything else I can try, or is this a lost cause?

In fact this doesn’t look good. You could try uninstalling programs which might interfere with each other, e.g. OpenSC and GnuPG, and see if it makes a difference. Or try using the device on a different computer. If this doesn’t help, I’m afraid the smart card may be broken.

I tried it on my laptop, with the same result.