Can Nitrokey Storage store X.509 certificate?

Hi, Support Team

I’m new to this. I have a project that need etoken + flashdrive. And I found Nitrokey is the best option.
But I don’t know If I can keep the X.509 certificate in Nitrokey Storage.

Can Nitrokey Storage store X.509 certificate?

If you have any recommendation about etoken + flashdrive verification process, please tell me. >_<
I have to make the application to verify etoken myself.

Thank you.


X.509 is supported by the Storage according to the feature matrix on the main site, and the factsheet. As for the actual way of importing, you can search forum using the X509 and X.509 queries.

@nitroalex Anything to add?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

I recommend these instructions for an import example.