Can‘t change Diskpassword

Hello, I got the x230 with qubes preinstalled. I tried to change the disk password with “sudo cryptsetup luksChangeKey /dev/sda2”. I got "Device /dev/sda2 doesn’t exist or access denied.
If “sudo lsblk” I dont see a sda2 device. Any tips? Don’t be rude, i give my best to improve my knowledge as much as I can! Greetings

Maybe try listing all devices you have? What does the sudo pvs command say?

It says nothing, I installed the packages but when I hit that command nothing happens. I tried lsblk, it shows me xvda, xvda1-3, xvdb, xvdc1-3. i tried all of them, but everytime i got „Device /dev/xvdaX is not a valid LUKS device.“
Thanks for your help!

Hold on, I don’t know QubesOS very well, but it seems to me that you are running those commands from inside of the virtual machines (domU in Xen parlance). xvda, xvdb, … are disk drives emulated by Xen virtual machine infrastructure.

You should get into the bare-metal dom0, the operating system that controls everything, including the encryption of the real disks.

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Thanks a lot! Got it. I don‘t know why I didn‘t think about the dom0 terminal. Thanks and have nice holidays!

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Did you manage to change he password?

Yes, i was just not smart enough to run a dom0 terminal.

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