Can't unlock encrypted volume (Nitrokey Storage 2)

I’m using a brand new Nitrokey Storage 2. First I used Nitrokey App to change user pin, admin pin and firmware pin. Success.

Then I have been trying to unlock encrypted volume, using “Unlock Encrypted Volume” button in Nitrokey App. Without success.

The original Nitrokey Storage firmware version (0.53) I gave me error message “Status code -1”. I updated the firmware to version 0.56. Now the error message is “Wrong PIN”. The pin is correct. I’m sure about that, and I have also tried the original 123456 pin.

What can I try next? (Before sending the product back to Nitrokey shop.)

I had to “Erase encrypted data”. Then my pin code started working and I could create partition table, file system etc.

The documentation didn’t tell anything about erasing the encrypted volume first.

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