Change ID of key if no ID has been specified during creation?

Is it possible to later-on change the ID of existing key material when it was not specified during it’s creation?

pkcs11-tool --keypairgen --key-type rsa:2048 --label FirstKeyPair --login --pin 0000


Private RSA Key [FirstKeyPair]
        Object Flags   : [0x03], private, modifiable
        Usage          : [0x26], decrypt, sign, unwrap
        Access Flags   : [0x1D], sensitive, alwaysSensitive, neverExtract, local
        ModLength      : 2048
        Key ref        : 1 (0x01)
        Native         : yes
        Path           : 3f00501550724b01
        Auth ID        : 01
        ID             :
        MD:guid        : cba93083-8d6e-832b-d63a-614888e8ac6e
Public RSA Key [FirstKeyPair]
        Object Flags   : [0x02], modifiable
        Usage          : [0x51], encrypt, wrap, verify
        Access Flags   : [0x10], local
        ModLength      : 2048
        Key ref        : -1 (0xFFFFFFFF)
        Native         : no
        Path           : 3f00501550754b01
        ID             :

For example I am not able to export the public key using

pkcs15-tool --read-public-key <arg>

as I would need to specify the ID for the key.

I am not sure which type of NK you are using, but normally you could change the ID through changing the private key ( the public key will be changed automatically)
pkcs11-tool --pin --set-id --id --type privkey

Now, saying that, I have never seen that no ID was created during the keypairgen step.