Compile NitroKey Storage on GNU/Linux

I am using Debian 9 GNU/Linux stable. I would like to compile the firmware for the NitroKey storage. AVR32 Studio 2.6 is not in the Debian repos and the version I found on the official site is from 2010.

Anyway I can compile the firmware for the NitroKey Storage using gcc-avr binutils-avr avr-libc or something of the sort?

The AVR32 is old but working (at least for my up-to-date Arch Linux which uses far more recent program versions than Debian Stretch, so there shouldn’t be problems on Debian). Unfortunately this is not free software. Therefore you won’t find it on Debian repos but only on the sellers site.

I did not tried to use gcc-avr or alike. I would be happy if you let us know if it worked for you!

Maybe @szszszsz knows something about gcc-avr and Storage firmware.

No, I have not tested other environments/compilers (yet).