DNS Hijacking banned?

i am victim of a severe DNS-Hijacking attack. They redirect every content from my: iPad, MacbookPro, Win10 Laptop, Android Mobile, Raspberry (I tried 5 Linux distributions) to a server in the states and inject bad code, while I download software to install.

I am completely new to Nitrokey and Hubes OS and do not understand, if this setup will help me.


Hi @ken!

Do you access the internet the same way on all devices? You might have malicious DNS set on your router. You can change it temporarily to e.g. on one of the machines, and see once again.
Have you tried Tails? It connects via Tor by default, and I think with a distro-set DNS as well.

i have and as DNS server. they hijack one of my old connects and redirect all of my traffic.

i wanted to install tor as a browser, but they injected 5 viruses on my win10 machine. so i had to reinstall this again.

my question is:

am i secure with dns hijacking with nitrokey and qubes? i cannot get it intellectually.

best greeetz,


Please try the mentioned earlier Tails first to diagnose the problem.