Encrypt home folder and secure login on Linux: How?

I just got my Nitrokey Pro. I would like to use this to make my login on my Linux Desktop (Linux Mint 18) more secure (long phrase / certificate), and directly encrypt my home folder (so the encryption is connected to the login).

I just read through the tutorials on Nitrokey’s website, but I did not see the solution. Can someone help me with setting this up? I think I need ecryptfs, but them I got the following questions:
[ul]]On the application’s page, you link to tkxuyen.com/blog/?p=293. However, that is a different smart card / usb than the mitrokey, so I’m not sure how I can enable this on my Nitrokey Pro/:m]
]For login in, I see some explanation how to setup the login using pam. I think that’s clear, but them my home folder is still not encrypted. /:m][/ul]

Can someone help me? I think I am also helped with a clear explanation of the features of the Nitrokey Pro, but I cannot find a source that fits my current experience.

I think my question is too broad, so I will post my (sub)questions in other threads or start a new thread if necessary

See Encrypt home folder using Ecryptfs and tie to GnuPG based login