Experiences with many files/big files

So, now I’ve finally thrown all my files at my nextbox. First thing to notice: It works, but the desktop client is so slow. And I dont get why. I have 200gbs of data, many small files, some big files.

  • the desktop client (Linux, 3.3.5) takes about 10-20 minutes to “check files for changes”
  • then it starts uploading. 200mb in 30 minutes, this time ;-). being in the same network as the box.
  • I’ve not configured anything special (to my knowledge)

I know this is quite cloud and not box specific, but maybe someone has similar experiences, or even a solution?

also, the very big files (>4gb) are not uploaded, they cause a “connection timed out” error in the desktop client. hm. load is between 1 and about 4, memory used not more than 1gb (of 8).

found these



any way to change the default timeout for apache?