Firefox on macOS and FIDO U2F - behaviour question

I wonder about a behaviour of Firefox together with NK FIDO U2F and maybe that is normal ? Has sombody the same behaviour and can confirm ?

I have activated for one of my google accounts the NK FIDO U2F with Chrome. But on my mac I only want to use Safari ( most ) or if needed Firefox. While Safari doesn’t work with Google ( even if I ignore the warning to use Chrome, Google doesn’t accept the NK). With Fireworks a wraning is coming up , that Google looks for a Hardware Key. When I then plug in the NK, it just moves on and everything is fine. BUT I never have done my finger on the key. Is this normal ? I was always under the impression the FIDO will only release the information, when I put my finger on it …

Yes this is by design. Nitrokey FIDO U2F device will confirm automatically one, and only one, U2F request just after the connection, but before the 2 seconds will pass. Here the event of the device insertion is treated as an user presence confirmation. After that it will wait as usual for the user confirmation by the touch button. It will not work for e.g. configuration request change. This is browser-independent.

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Thanks for clarification !