First startup unsuccessful

Finally I got to unpacking my Nextbox I received last year. I connected the network cable and the power adaptor, yet even after half an hour the LED is pale blue and the device hasn’t been detected by the router. Judging by the documentation, the first start should take 5 minutes or so, so something is clearly wrong. What can I do? Is it safe to try disconnecting it and powering it again or to press the reset button?

Two thoughts occur to me as possibilities,

1: Is something on the network blocking it?
2: did you follow all the steps correctly, which ever method you choose?

The only other thought if there is a 3:

Is if your device has some defect, in which case, you definitely may want to contact support directly.
And go over the steps you took in the order you did them exactly.

Don’t panic though, just be careful and ask for support before you do anything silly.

I will be back another time, its late where I am.

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  1. Even if it did, judging by the LEDs page, it shouldn’t be dim blue. Looks like it doesn’t boot properly. It’s still dim blue after 20 hours.
  2. I followed the steps from this guide, I don’t see any way to mess it up. I connected the network cable, then connected the power cable (I used the side port, not the one next to the cable), then waited.

in anycase your router should be able to detect the nextbox and give it IP via dhcp. How do the leds of the Network connector behave?

If that is the case, have you contacted nitrokey support directly, via email, etc?

They seem to be a friendly bunch

I was scared to power cycle it, but I had a power outage yesterday, after that it booted up successfully. Setting it up now.