Forward PKCS#11 From Windows

Dear All,

I’m evaluating to buy a Nitrokey (Start) but I need if I can use in my scenario.
My Office client is a Windows PC where I will put in the Nitrokey.

I have a remote (virtual) Linux machine where I need to sign using the certificate.

The question is: how I can forward the PKCS#11 protocol from the Windows client PC to remote Linux?

Using Linux to Linux is already shown on Smart card forward

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I am not aware of any such solution for Windows Clients.

The only thing I could think of is a solution implemented in the virtualisation software at stake. For example this is possible with Virtualbox machines. I don’t know what solution the remote (virtual) machine is using, so you may have look there.

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Yes I’m already following this solution. usb mounted on the VM with a running Linux.

So this does work for you now?

sorry, I’m just trying to understand how I can do things. I haven’t any hardware (I’m using softshm to learn something).

VM Linux is a way (see Smart card forward to solve but I asked for a native solution.


You could search for “PKCS#11 proxy” but we don’t have experience with such.