Getting help with computer login using Nitrokey Storage

I am struggling with setting up a Nitrokey Storage for computer login. The Nitrokey instructions on the website support pages refer both to pam_p11 and poldi but only give details for poldi which is not available on my openSUSE Tumbleweed OS. I have pam_p11 installed but I have no instructions I can follow. I am not a coder or computing enthusiast so please could the instructions be detailed.

It seems nobody has been able to help. I know there are detailed instruction for using poldi but this is not available on openSUSE Tumbleweed and receives almost no support. I do have pam_p11 available but the link on the website takes me to pam_pkcs11 and although this application should be able to work with both OpenPGP keys and CA certificates but there are no detailed instructions for working with OpenPGP keys.

I am disappointed that there are not detailed instructions for working with pam_p11 but hope somebody can help please.

Unfortunately, using pam_pkcs11 is more difficult than poldi and is expecting S/MIME certificates. I did not try this yet, but the important configuration information should be described here. This will probably not help you though, I am sorry.