How to Restart installation / NitroPad

i have manages to install everyhing. Now i am just infront of the login of Qubes OS, when i realize, that my password is not working due to a english/american keyboard installed. i use a german qwertz keyboard.

now i cannot login, due to wrong keyboard? i do not know?? … wrong password with my defined user.

how can i just restart the installation procedure and take care of the english keyboard to not be trapped again for a second time.
please help.

cc @jan @nitroalex

i do not understand. i cannot find any documentation of the nitrokey options menu at the beginning.
there is just this 3 pager for installation. i would like to help myself.
i hope someone responds

Hi @ken!

Sorry for being cryptic with my previous message. I have asked my colleagues to respond to this question, as they are working with NitroPads.
About the problem, in case you have set the password to be ASCII-only, obvious solution would be to peek the differences between these two layouts in the web search, and press the proper keys instead. I assume you have tried that already if that’s the case.

This is indeed the solution here. Once you set up the user account you can not just reconfigure it, I am afraid. If you can not find out what the password you choose on a US based layout would be on your native one, the only option is re-installation of the system (at least, without a specific understanding of linux systems to erase the passwd via a livecd).