Is COVID-19 affecting shipment times? (SOLVED, Thanks Jan!)


Does anyone know if Nitrokey still open for business during these difficult times? It would be understandable if they are not.

I tried to place an order online and received a “500: Internal Server Error.” Has anyone else tried to place an online order recently?

Does anyone have a contact phone #? I already emailed support with no response as of yet.

Thanks! And stay safe.

I found the phone # +49 30 12053434. Direct to Voicemail. I think the shop is temporally shutdown. Please post on twitter when you are back up and running so I can purchase some Nitrokey gear.

WOW! I am impressed with the customer service of Nitrokey. Less than an hour after sending an email, The CEO, Jan Suhr, reached out and assisted me in completing my order.

I am extremely grateful and will definitely be recommending Nitrokey to all my friends. :grinning:

Thanks Jan!

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