Issue - Ubuntu installation on NitroPad x230

Hello friends.

I need your help because I am assuming a massive brain fart on my end.

I bought a NitroPad x230 with Qubes OS preinstalled by the guys at Nitrokey, everything worked flawlessly. For reasons I want to install Ubuntu on that NitroPad, so I boot the .iso from a usb stick and follow through with the standard Ubuntu installation process.

After that has finished and I reboot Heads tells me it is unable to locate /boot files on any mounted disk, default boot after performaing OEM reset is stuck on “Found verified kexec boot params”.

I thought that by doing a clean install of Ubuntu, where it erases disk and re- does partitioning Heads would have no issues finding Ubuntu /boot, but well…

I would really appreciate some help from you guys, thank you!!!

I’ve got the same issue - I bought a X230 with Qubes and now I try to install Ubuntu - But after the installation I’m no longer able to start the laptop. There weren’t any issues during the installation.

Hi! Sorry for the delay.

Please use our official installation image:

Edit: updated link