Latest Nitrokey-app versions?

I am shifting my main system to a new machine, on whch I installed Debian Testing.
I see in my default repos there is a version of Nitrokey-app, which is very cool, but that one is quite old : 1.3.2-1 while here you are advertising for v. 1.4.
So instead of installing straight in Debian I visited the Github repo that shows (a) an appimage v. 1.4 and (b) a .deb package that is labelled ‘experimental’ (which for me is a bit frightening).
Can you confirm that this ‘experimental’ .deb is the right one?
Or maybe I go for the basic 1.3.2, which will enter quietly the automatic updating?
My Nitrokey is a Storage from the earliest generation, if this helps.
Thank you!
[edit] I just tried running the Appimage v. 1.4 from github here. The small menu appears and the window opens, but my key is not detected, even though when I insert it, its unencrypted part mounts…

Hi @Herve5!

Please install the nitrokey-app system package, which brings the Udev rules for device access for user. You can then use the AppImage package. Udev rules cannot be provided by the latter unfortunately (same for the Snap package).
The experimental tag here is to mark, that it was not tested by us, only built, and thus some features might not work.

The new version is now in the Debian testing stage, and hopefully will reach users in some time. We do not have much influence on the release cycle here unfortunately.
We do have however a Snap package, which should be quite easy to use:

And own Launchpad’s PPA channel for Ubuntu software (potentially backward-compatible; for Ubuntu and potentially advanced Debian users):

Hello szszszsz!

I am not sure of that : I am myself on Debian Testing and the version I give you is the one in the Testing repositories:

Now, I understand installing the package brings in the missing Udev rule.
I don’t see such a rule tagged with Nitrokey in the image above. Shall I understand that it comes somehow silently through installing nitrokey-app from the repo? Or is it better to install the more recent .deb package? (is it even included in that one?)
Thank you!
P. S. the fact the Appimage does not includes the Udev rule is an issue for me if I consider I’m coming on another Linux system with, in the nominal scenario, only my key with the Appimage on its open part…

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  1. Indeed, thank you for letting know! Here is the current state:
    I was sure though its going to testing. Will check.
  2. In the older packages Udev rules comes with Nitrokey App, and with newer ones with libnitrokey, which is its dependency, hence installing Nitrokey App should be working in both cases.
  3. Yes, making the Udev rules a separate package is a good idea. Will keep that in mind.
  4. Just checked, and it seems its possible to embed the Udev rules to the AppImage, like in the case below. Will investigate.

szszszsz, this is just to mention installing nitrokey-app-1.4.0-experimental.deb did work, presumably bringig in the missing udev rule, and at this moment a quick check shows all functions are OK for my NK storage, on Debian Testing.
Thank you!
P. S. I was impressed that the installation was bringing in some 120 Mb, though. Probably because I use the Xfce desktop here, and the app wants something else…

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It might be because of the Qt libraries, on which the GUI is based on.

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