N-of-M for public key authentication


Is t here a good tutorial/documentation on how to enable/configure N-of-M for public key authentication on a Nitrokey HSM 2 device?

Thank you.

Maybe this video helps.

Unfortunateley not. That is for n-of-n DKEK shares which will only apply for exporting private keys for backup purposes. What I’m looking for is n-of-m for accessing the device. as in 3 password shares rather than one user pin.

There is a blog that describes the mechanics and a How-To in the CardContact Developer Network.

Public Key Authentication is currently only available in Java Integrations (OCF, JCE or OpenSCDP).

Hi! The blog article is describing the “feature” and is the place I’ve started from since this is exactly what I’m interested in. The other link pointing to the How-To, which is exactly what I’m looking for is not accessible. Is there a way to access that How-To article somehow?

Need to register at the CDN to download files.