New Nitrokeys (Start) Can change Admin PIN fine, cannot change User PIN

I have two new Nitrokey Starts that I bought ~2 months ago that I have been prepping tonight, I started by putting each on the new firmware.

I have no problems changing the Admin PIN and doing factory resets, but any attempt to change the User PIN or Reset PIN is met with error changing the pin: conditions of use not satisfied.

scdaemon logging is suggesting ERR 100663427, which seems to be a generic catch-all

Running gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.18 on Debian Stretch


I should probably also note that, after running the firmware update, I ran the test units and got all passes, even for the “PIN change” ones :frowning:


please first create a key or import a key on the Start and try to change the user PIN afterwards. Unfortunately the NK Start needs a gpg key to be able to save a user PIN.

In General: please be aware of the notes here.

Kind regards

PS: It’s good to hear, that you upgraded the device! :slight_smile: