New Windows Version 1.2 cannot detect Key

The Pro Key is not detected by version 1.2. Version 1.1 works perfect.



What OS do you use?

Edit: just tested Snapcraft build on Ubuntu 17.04 with Nitrokey Pro and it was connected.

I am running on W7_64_Pro. V.1.1 detects the key perfectly.

Running Windows 7 64bit with same problem (0.6.1 works but not 1.2)


I can confirm that there are issues. We try to fix asap. As there are no security fixes, but rather enhancement and bug fixing in this version I request you to use 1.1 for now. I will let you know here as soon as it got fixed!

I am deeply sorry for the troubles!

Kind regards

@sdm8_s8_9HPUA_bR_jn @Reiner030

Sorry for delay. I have prepared updated release for Windows 7 and Windows 10. Please see nitrokey-app-v1.2-windows_10.exe file on release page.

With it the issue has not reproduced on Windows 10 (but has with the original v1.2 binary). I have no Windows 7 installation to test at the moment.
Please let me know whether it works or not for you (perhaps using ‘likes’ would be the fastest option).

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Works fine under Windows 7 and 10!