NextBox cluster

Is it possible to link two or more NextBox’es together

  • so if one NextBox is offline another NextBox is running
  • or if one NextBox was at the main office and other boxes are located somewhere else. Users connected to the nearby NextBox and at the background the NextBoxes get synced with each other.

The goal would be that it’s one two factor authentication to add a new NextBox into the cluster and you can check if one or more boxes are broken or have issues.


this is for sure possible but well not in scope of the NextBox. So it would need a lot of manual configuration and maybe even development. For a start you can look here for example .

P.S. please don’t write in the Forum and to at the same time this creates confusion and unnecessary work. We the support team from nitrokey also regularly check the forum, so there is no need for this double communication

Thanks for the feedback.

I get the automatic reply from the support mail that there is a forum available, so I thought it would be better to ask here.

:+1:yeah think also this is best discussed here