Nitro App 1.1 on macOS can't start

Hi, I tried tonight the new app Version 1.1. While the installation was working this time well*, the application can not start under a normal user. A pop-up shows and tell the app is corrupt and whether it should be moved to the basket …

Workaround: Open a Terminal and a “sudo /Applications/Nitro … /MacOS/nitro-app” works

  • Signed Nitro-App 1.0 had already a damaged dmg file


It looks like the signing process is not going well on OSX for some reason and it is under investigation.
Issue link: #246. Once this is resolved the DMG packages for v1.1 will be replaced with working version.

Another temporary workaround is to simply open the app from the context menu - OSX will remember that and will run the application without the pop-up next time. Official guide.

nop : that is workaround is the standard when you download. then MacOS asks you through this context menu if you want to open, if yes, you need to enter the administrator user name and PW.

In your case, this is not possible as macOS just tells, that the app has a defect and ask if it should be deleted. So a GUI workaround doesn’t exist when you are not the admin of that mac ( but the console still works - of course then you end up with the console issues as description in another thread )

Indeed, you need admin privileges. I meant that this solution (adding an exception in OSX) is better than running the App with sudo instead. And it works at least with unsigned DMG file as far as I remember.

Hi, sorry, and maybe I described it wrong: What you are suggesting is not working in this case. OS X is telling us ( regardless with or without the ctrl-key pressed ) that the program is defect and ask if it should be deleted !

So the sudo is the only way how you could get it up and running. It is interesting as the DMG file mounts well, the installation also works. But when you start the app it will show the error.

Anyhow, I think you should get your signing fixed.