Nitrokey 3A Mini - Where is OpenPGP?


What’s the ETA for OpenPGP on Nitrokey 3?

I bought it for evaluation recently as the spec mention OpenPGP support at least 3 times Nitrokey 3A Mini | Yes, I somehow missed:

OpenPGP smart card may not be implemented at the time of delivery

But to be fair, that product description is atrocious. It mentions support of OpenPGP etc only to later neg such a support.

So, the question is:
When will OpenPGP support arrive?

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While still Alpha, there is a working OpenPGP firmware for 3A-Mini.

Only issue so far that I noticed is that the keys probably need to be regenerated when updating the firmware as the implementation is still subject to change.

However after generating the keys on card, at least for me it works just like any other OpenPGP card.

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I’m in the same situtaion with a Nitrokey 3A NFC.
I was told it will be months before it gets an OpenPGP interface when I raised the same query last week,

Like you I only bought 1 for evaluation. I really wanted an alternative to the Yubikey (which is an excellent OpenPGP card) but they are both Closed source and based in USA, a bad combination for an encryption product.

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Questionable product description aside, I will hand credit where it’s due.

I did setup SSH (git and linux access) with FIDO2 and this works great on both Linux and Windows.

Nitrokey 3A Mini with FIDO2 did remove the need for OpenPGP in my daily workflow.