Nitrokey 3C NFC compatibility

I’m interesting in Nitrokey 3C NFC, but I concern about its compatibility, because this page ( says its hardware interface is USB 1.1, and USB type-c seems not guarantee compatible with USB 1.1 (haven’t heard it could not working though), I’m worried that other USB type-c device (e.g. laptop) won’t work with it (since very few devices run USB 1.1 on USB type-c).
Is it possible to use USB 2.0 by upgrading the fireware in the future (since the microprocessor seems to support USB 2.0) ? Or my opinion has some mistake ?


Hi @xmh10000 !

According to the documentation of the USB peripheral we use, the USB2.0 is fully supported, with the possibility of backwards compatibility with USB 1.1. All should work with the modern hardware, and so far in our internal tests we have not encountered any problems with the connection, with or without additional adapters. Implementation we use is compatible with it as well. Same for the FIDO2 specification.

I do not think we have actually tested this device with any USB 1.1 port so far, as this would be very old hardware (specification for 1.1 was defined in 1998, superseded with USB 2.0 in 2001). So the problem could be rather the other way around, if any.

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