Nitrokey App 0.5 crashes on macOS Sierra


I tried to upgrade from Version 0.2 to Version 0.5 of Nitrokey App under Mac osMac Sierra. First: as the Upper/Lower Letter naming is different, the upgrade doesn’t replace the former version of the app. After deleting both apps and reinstalling the version 0.5, I see in system.log that it always crashes :

Saved crash report for nitrokey-app[1041] version 0 to /Users/xxx/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/nitrokey-app_2016-10-04-083917_yyy.crash

Any tips how to get the App running on the latest macOS ? I just ordered the new StorageKey and not sure if I need the newest version latest then …

Looks like a Library is not loaded : @rpath/QtWidgets.framework/Versions/5/QtWidgets

Ahh, when I compare the to App’s it looks like Version 0.5 ( the current download ) is missing a bunch of files:
The folder “Frameworks” with all the Qt Libraries
The folder “Plugins” - not sure if that is still needed
And in the folder “Resources” a qt.conf is missing

So seems that the current download has no chance to run successful . Hopefully you will compile soon a new version including all the stuff :smiley:

There is a new download available as version 0.4.0 - this works on macOS Sierra fine

We just released 0.5.1. Please try it.

:sunglasses: Yes, Version 0.5.1 started perfect - so that is a big improvement! It looks good so far :exclamation:
The rest of the functionality I need to understand and check