Nitrokey App does not recognize FIDO2 stick on Arch


I just received my Nitrokey FIDO 2 Stick. I took me a while to realize that the stick is actually working nicely by trying out the example page. Only the App seems to have trouble to detect my stick which was the reason I believed the stick is broken. Is this normal that the stick won’t get recognized in the Nitrokey App?

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Hello Paul!

At the moment latest Nitrokey App (v1.4) does not support FIDO2/FIDO U2F devices, but we plan to add that functionality (Nitrokey App#443) in the next release - v1.5.
To handle the FIDO2 features, like Residential Keys management or factory reset, you can use for example Chromium/Google Chrome settings by:

  • (“hamburger menu”) -> Settings -> Privacy/Security (left menu bar) -> Manage Security Keys, or:
  • navigating directly to chrome://settings/securityKeys


Appreciate the quick response time. Thanks for the clarification!

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