Nitrokey App not shown in Tray in Kubuntu Bionic


I am using the current Ubuntu LTS version with KDE/Plasma as the desktop (kubuntu 18.04).
The nitrokey app is installed from the official ubuntu repository (v1.2.1). The app starts automatically when I login and is running (ps shows it, I get a desktop notification whenever I plugin my token), but it is not usable since it is not shown in the tray.
If I start another nitrokey-app instance, it is correctly shown in the tray, but never sees my actual token connected to the system.


which Nitrokey are we talking about?

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Nitrokey Pro


we had similar issues with the App and KDE in some cases, regarding the App’s icon. The Nitrokey should be detected anyway.

Can you please try this AppImage first? Then we may can find out, what is the reason for this behaviour.

After downloading the file, you need to right-click the file -> properties (or alike) and look for the option to make the file executable. Afterwards try to start it please.

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