NitroKey App Windows - libnitrokey old, app not signed


I installed the NitroKey App for Windows with the current version v1.5-RC7 and was conflicted with following issues.

The App shows a notification that the libnitrokey library is old. Version 3.0 installed, version 3.5 required

The App ist not signed which forces Windows to block the App. It is possible to start the App by manually allowing an unknown vendor.

Best regards

Hi Stephan!

Thank you for the report! I am sorry for the confusion, but this one is an automatic pre-release (or beta) build for the coming v1.5 version, which was by mistake marked as a proper one (corrected). Please use the stable v1.4 for the time being:

The RC releases are not signed with our code-signing certificate, hence the second problem is expected. About the libnitrokey version, we need yet to configure the build process to include it properly.