Nitrokey Crashes/Disconnects when transfering Files

Hey, I have a Nitrokey Storage and I am having an Issue transferring files from my hard drive on my windows laptop to the encrypted partition on the nitrokey. The laptop is Windows 10 1909.

What happens is that the transfer speed goes down to 0 and then the nitrokey disconnects comes up and then says that the device is locked and to shut down the application and reinsert the nitrokey. I have tryed with different file types and also different amounts of data and same thing. It is doing it at random points in the transfer so I don’t know what is causing it.

I have reset the Nitrokey once and that didnt fix it. I am using Nitrokey App version 1.4 and Firmware 0.54.

I have been using it in a USB 3.0 Port on my laptop so maybe I will try a USB 2.0 Port and see if that makes a difference.


For accurate issue reproduction, could you tell me:

  • How much data are you transferring?
  • Are these files small or large?
  • What is the size of the Storage device?

Ideally, if possible, could you get a log from the Nitrokey App with maximum verbosity level (6)?

I am transferring 5.77GB on this test. The files range in size from 1kb to 50,000kb. Sometimes it completes the transfer and sometimes it doesn’t. I am using Nitrokey Storage 2 64GB. I am finding that it works more often if I do a smaller amount say 1GB.

I attached the Nitrokey app log using verbosity level 6. Here is the Link Nitrokey Debug File

Log shows, that device is recognized as connected by the OS. Communication progressed normally for almost 90 minutes, but finally OS could not send commands to the device (error on sending), despite reconnection attempts.
No libusb/OS specific error registered.
Device connected: 08:35:17
Communication failed: 10:00:23

Edit: Will try to reproduce and write back.


I could not reproduce the crash on the Windows 10 1909 18363.592 with Nitrokey Storage v0.54 connected through USB2.0 port. I will try USB 3.0 in the second re-test.

During test I have copied 4GB of data over 1 hour (System32 and Python3.8 copy to Encrypted Volume), and in the meantime was using OpenSC 0.20 tools, GnuPG 2.2.19 RSA key generation and having Nitrokey App v1.4 open.

Edit: sorry for the delay!

Reproduced *35 minutes later, without changes in configuration.

Edit: perhaps 90 minutes is some magic number, coming from the integer type overflow etc. Logs not analyzed yet.

I am having the same issue using USB 2.0 Port. When I say sometimes it completes the transfer and sometimes it doesnt, I am refering to the exact same data and same size of data aswell.

Thanks for looking into it. Would be good to know what is causing this. I updated the code link also since it was expired.

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