Nitrokey factory reset

I have mis-typed my default admin password 3 times and it is telling me to reset my nitrokey; how do I do this?


Hi Stingrayy56,
which Nitrokey do you have.
Did you set an unblock PIN and a Reset Code?
Regards ksp1968

No, It was the default PIN and i was trying to change it but was using the wrong code.

Its a NK pro 2

What System do you have Windows, Apple, Linux?
Do you have the nitrokey-app?

  1. Put the NK Pro 2 into thu USB port.

  2. Start nitrokey-app

  3. Then open Menu. Click on Configure. Choose factory-reset.

  4. Try factory code 12345678 for admin.

Does this help?
@ nitrokey support: If it doesn’t help. Does someone knows how to use the nitrokey-reset.txt file for factory reset. Unfortunately I forget hoe to do.

Ok, I found this.

Insert or reinsert your NK Pro 2 into your USB port. Quit nitrokey-app if started.
You have to find and download the file nitrokey-reset.txt.
Then open a terminal and perform the command gpg-connect-agent < nitrokey-reset.txt
I hope this helps.