Nitrokey for computer startup/login?

I currently have my computer hd encrypted.
Once I turn on my computer, I have to enter a long/complex passcode to decrypt the drive and login to the desktop.

Can someone tell me if i can use nitrokey for this passcode entry?

Do I have to be technically logged into the computer to utilize Nitrokey?

I know a Nitrokey alternative (Yubikey) allows me to simply touch the physical USB key and it dumps a preset passcode into the machine.

I would rather use Nitrokey since it is opensource.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

If you use a USB keyboard (not an internal laptop keyboard!) you can configure a certain key (e.g. capslock) and assign it to a HOTP entry. Everytime you press caps lock twice, a one-time password will be generated and sent. Obviously you would need to configure your computer’s login to accept OTP.

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