Nitrokey + GPG + Firejailed Claws Mail not working


I am trying to get my firejailed Claws Mail working with encryption (gpg, Nitrokey Storage 2). gnupg is already whitelisted in the claws mail firejail profile but it seems to not work with the Nitrokey. It´s a bit odd to describe but only one interaction with the Nitrokey is possible until Claws Mail freezes.

For example if I receive an encrypted mail I can enter the PIN for the Nitrokey. After that everything freezes. Same goes if I try to encrypt a mail.

Any idea what to change in firejail?


What’s your running command / configuration? Edit: Could you describe as well the OS, and how the Claws were installed? E.g. was it via Snap?

GnuPG is communicating with the device via the scdaemon service. Maybe access to it is blocked, and hence the freeze?

How about running firejailed gpg2 --card-status directly, to compare the behavior? Perhaps better would be calling gpg2 --card-edit, and then e.g. admin -> login -> "test login", which should call for the Admintrator PIN.