Nitrokey HSM Identify Version

Hello, I’ve been trying to update the firmware on my HSM but it fails.

So I thought I would try and identify which version of HSM I have and find out what firmware version should be installed.

$ pkcs11-tool -T
Available slots:
Slot 0 (0x0): Nitrokey Nitrokey HSM
token label : UserPIN (SmartCard-HSM)
token manufacturer :
token model : PKCS#15 emulated
token flags : login required, rng, token initialized, PIN initialized
hardware version : 24.13
firmware version : 2.5
serial num : DENK0101766
pin min/max : 6/15

Is there somewhere that indicates if this is a HSM1 or HSM2?

The error message I get when trying to update the firmware is:

R: SW1/SW2=6A86 (Checking error: Incorrect P1-P2) Lr=0
Card (CARD_INVALID_SW/27270) - “Unexpected SW1/SW2=6A86 (Checking error: Incorrect P1-P2) received” in /WEB-INF/js/sc-hsm-persoserver/profiles/ap_jcop_cardmanager.xml#184
at /WEB-INF/js/sc-hsm-persoserver/profiles/ap_jcop_cardmanager.xml#184
at /WEB-INF/js/sc-hsm-persoserver/core/HSMPersoManager.js#77
at /WEB-INF/js/sc-hsm-persoserver/core/HSMPersoManager.js#129
at /WEB-INF/js/sc-hsm-persoserver/processes/SmartCardHSMFirmwareUpdateModel.js#351
at /WEB-INF/js/sc-hsm-persoserver/processes/SmartCardHSMFirmwareUpdateModel.js#389
at /WEB-INF/js/sc-hsm-persoserver/processes/SmartCardHSMFirmwareUpdateModel.js#421
at /WEB-INF/js/pki-as-a-service/ui/CardActionWizard.js#75
at /WEB-INF/js/pki-as-a-service/ui/CAGUI.js#127
at /WEB-INF/js/scsh/srv-cc1/ApplicationServer.js#475
at /WEB-INF/js/apps/startup.js#153

Any help greatly appreciated…

Your device is JCOP 2.4.1r3 (hardware version 24.13) with applet 2.5.

2.5 is the latest version for that hardware.

Unfortunately there is a configuration error in the PKI-as-a-Service portal and is does offer an update for your chip that is not available.

This bug affects 9 devices in the range DENK0101764 to DENK0101772.

Thanks, that explains things perfectly…