Nitrokey HSM support for RSA 3096 or greater

Is there any plans to increase the RSA key length support from 2048 on the nitrokey HSM, to a greater key size in light of the news advising folks to stop using RSA-2048 past 2022? Since HSM’s can often have a use case in a PKI environment which is typically built to last at least 5 years, This puts the use of the Nitrokey in jeopardy for me. I live in an area where area businesses have not all switched over to use CNG in windows environments.

I would love to see support for 3072 at a minimum, I have been using PKCS#11 providers for my use with nitrokey HSM since windows server pulled interactive services support for 2016 and the lack of the use of keyboard and mouse, pushed me over to openssl and pkcs#11 standard. But it seems that the standard now support 3072 ( , so is there any update on this front?

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Yes, the future Nitrokey HSM 2 will support RSA-4096 which we want to release early next year.

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Thanks Jan,

That’s great news.