Nitrokey HSM wish

I have a Nitrokey HSM wish for 2019, Schnorr signature, EdDSA (curve25519).

I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Added 2019.01.13
I would pay 3x the current HSM price I’m just saying Nitrokey.

What do you hope to use these for? With which software?

I would be using them on a Python flask app for signing POS cryptocurrencies, Cardano specifically.

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x25519 would certainly be nice. :smile:

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nice? really? I would say for me: A MUST HAVE! :wink:


Okay Nitrokey, you now know this is a must!

Update March 15,2019:

New Nitrokey HSM 2 with RSA-4096, ECC-521, AES-256


Unfortunately those algorithms are not on the roadmap for the JCOP controller we use for the HSM.

The roadmap is pretty much based on requirements from the banking and eID mass-market, which in turn uses only algorithms featured by organizations like NIST or the BSI.

In the HSM we rely on the crypto algorithms provided by the chip’s crypto library, which is security evaluated under the Common Criteria scheme. We can no just add algorithms ourself.