Nitrokey HSM wish


I have a Nitrokey HSM wish for 2019, Schnorr signature, EdDSA (curve25519).

I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Added 2019.01.13
I would pay 3x the current HSM price I’m just saying Nitrokey.


What do you hope to use these for? With which software?


I would be using them on a Python flask app for signing POS cryptocurrencies, Cardano specifically.


x25519 would certainly be nice. :smile:


nice? really? I would say for me: A MUST HAVE! :wink:


Okay Nitrokey, you now know this is a must!

Update March 15,2019:

New Nitrokey HSM 2 with RSA-4096, ECC-521, AES-256