Nitrokey on windows

Hi, I receive a NitroKeyPro and NitrokeyHSM. I followed the instruction link( … y_HSM.html) , the opensc-tool --list-readers command doesn’t work. I got no response back.
But if I run the following command, then it seems to be working some how!

C:\Users\lapluu>pkcs15-tool -L
Using reader with a card: Nitrokey Nitrokey HSM 0
Failed to connect to card: Card is invalid or cannot be handled

I am just wondering is any “Start up guide” for Windows 7 of how to setup and confiugure NitroKey in this forum ?

Thanks for helping.
Best Regards,
Wayne Lap Luu

Please make sure you use the latest OpenSC 0.16. Try to exit Nitrokey App and GnuPG before executing opensc-tool. You don’t use any VM, do you?