Nitrokey Pro not detected for U2F in Firefox 65


I’m trying to get my Nitrokey Pro working for 2FA in Firefox 65 (on Debian Buster), but so far I failed to make Firefox detect the key. I set security.webauth.u2f to trueas described at Enabling U2F on Firefox, but still the device is not detected by Firefox.

nitrokey-app detects the key as expected, I’m able to unlock it and change PIN. I also generated a GnuPG secret key on the Nitrokey Pro and used this key successfully for decrypting. So in general, the key seems to be detected by my operating system.

When I navigate to the FIDO U2F security keys configuration on a platform with support for it (e.g. Github) and select ‘Register new device’, Firefox shows a notification that tries to create an acocunt with my security key. The notification says that I can connect and authorize or cancel. But the only button that is displayed in the notification is ‘cancel’. Github keeps waiting for the device until a timeout is hit. Certainly I have the key plugged in while doing this. I even tried to plug it in while Firefox/ waits for the device, but that doesn’t help either.

Any idea, what I’m missing? Seems like Firefox doesn’t detect my Nitrokey Pro as hardware security key.


Please try first. If this does not work, please make sure that this udev file is in /etc/udev/rules.d/ and reboot.

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Hi @mejo!

Unfortunately Nitrokey Pro does not support FIDO U2F. At the moment Nitrokey FIDO U2F is our only product that does so - you can confirm that in the features matrix on the main site: Sorry!

Oh… I have totally overseen the part stating it is a Pro device :blush: I am sorry.

Ha, I didn’t expect that. That’s unfortunate indeed. Thanks for the pointer.

Any plans for a Nitrokey Pro that also supports U2f?

Generally, we want to combine these technologies, yes. But we have no specific release plans or roadmap or similar. Please subscribe our Newsletter.