Nitrokey pro not detected on centos8

I have recently got a Nitrokey pro.
It works correctly on ubuntu but not on Centos8. With Centos8 I am running it with the Flatpak app.
When I start the app and plug in the key it is as if nothing happens.
I have entered all of the typical commands to see if anything would appear.
lsblk, findmnt, blkid, df -h

There is just not anything changing.
Any ideas?

What does lsusb say?

lsusb sees it ok, That is good something is happening when I plug it in.

Bus 001 Device 008: ID 20a0:4108 Clay Logic

The other thing I noticed is that on the ubuntu machine which it works on, the nitrokey icon appears in the system tray when I start the application even before I insert the key.
However, in the centos8 maching it does not. The difference being on ubuntu i installed it using PPA but with CentOS I used Flatpak.
I took Flatpak off and put it back on again in case that was an issue. There does not appear to be any other straight forward way to get it operational on centos8. There does not appear to be any rpm package.
The command
lsblk --all
reveals nothing on either the ubuntu machine where it is working or on the centos machine so I guess that command is not valid for this situation.

Joseph Shanahan

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You probably need to install the Udev rules to make the Nitrokey available for connection. The directory for it differs among distributions. According to the forum post

Add udev rules for Nitrokey products. We need to create the file /etc/udev/rules.d/41-nitrokey.rules and in it we will place what is basically this file but with one addition at the end (…)

Perhaps this will work for the Centos 8 as well. Alternatively the Udev rules are installed by the scdaemon, a smart card service for GnuPG.

The lsblk command shows the block devices, which Nitrokey Pro does not have. This would work in Nitrokey Storage though.

I have reviewed all of the information above and I have come to the conclusion that the best way to get this working is to install, invoke scdaemon.
The gnupg documentation starts of on the scdaemon daemon is already on your machine and starts outline on how to use its commands.
Could anyone help me on how to scdaemon daemon operational on ones computer.
It appears relatively straight forward for ubuntu.
sudo apt-get install scdaemon
But not so for centos8, this is where my problem lies.
Joseph Shanahan

I think scdaemon is installed with gpg. There is no need to install it seperately.