NitroKey Pro only 16 passwords?

Hey there a few days ago I ordered the NitroKey Pro and today I received it. Now I wanted to know wether the NitroKey is able to save only 16 passwords in it? Because 16 passwords arent very much. That can’t be true… is it? Or is there a way to save more than 16 passwords?

That is correct. Because of hardware limitations we can’t store more passwords.

Just a suggestion: is it possible in future firmware updates to implement the choice to copy either username or password to use in forms? There is imho not much point in only securing the passphrase part of a login process against keylogging, as much as the username, which can be used to inspire malicious eavesdroppers or wiretappers to launch a subsequent brute-force attack.

Ideally you would tap into it and avoid the clipboard alltogether (could be monitored as well), but for such feature you should probably have bought a YubiKey.

We documented your suggestion in this ticket for later implementation.