Nitrokey Start admin pin reset/reinitialize (and pro)

Here is a topic with commands to reset and re-initialize a pgp-card: … 37414.html

Does this work for the Nitrokey Start? (and for the Pro)? I mean specifically when the admin PIN is entered wrong 3 times, to fully reset the card?

It works for Nitrokey Pro and Storage only. Nitrokey Start requires a different reset procedure. See: … a-nitrokey

The latter guide talks about a reset code, but that only works for the User PIN, correct? Or, can it, in the case of the nitrokey start, also be used to reset the admin PIN?

The second option talks about firmware updates, but I’m unsure how that correlates to a forgotten or wrongly entered admin PIN and the reset thereof? Could you maybe explain a bit more?

Thank you for your feedback. Infact the description on the website wasn’t very accurate. I updated the text. Please let me know if it clarifies your questions.