Nitrokey Start - how to flash firmware?


a few days ago I purchased a new nitrokey start. When I tried to set it up, I was able to set up the admin password and to get a ECC public key on the nitrokey. Then I wanted to set up the user password and the reset password using gpg on Ubuntu. During this process I was asked several times for the admin password and I pushed it in. Unfortunately the fail counter was going down despite me carefully typing in the correct password (8 digit number, not that much to go wrong I thought). Nevertheless my nitrokey locked up. Now I would like to wipe it and reinstall a fresh firmware.

Can anybody tell me:

  • where can I get the firmware?
  • is there a manual for the flash process?

Thanks in advance!



now that you are blocked it should be sufficient to just reset the device (there were problems with that on older firmware, but not on yours). Please see here:

Reset device: “gpg2 --card-edit” -> “admin” -> “factory-reset”

If you still want to flash the device (isn’t necessary as I said before) you find the instructions here.

Have fun and let us know if there are still questions left.

Kind regards