Nitrokey Storage 2: Encrypted Volume suddenly empty

Hello there,

I mounted my encrypted Volume on a friends Mac (M1) and started the nitrokey app that was on my unencrypted partition. everything worked as it should. I opened it, and then tried to unmount it. It was weird because it would always remount it, but I figured, what the heck i didnt even write anythin to the parition, I only read. so i just “locked” the volume.
At home I wanted to open it again and I started the app as usual. I unlocked it, everything worked as is should but the volume wouldnt show up in my file manager. I checked and the whole volume is empty, or at least there is no recognized partition table or anything.

I am creating a dump of it now and will see if I can recover anything. What happened there? Is it so unreliable on OSX?

EDIT: I couldn recover anything from it. there seems to be an ExFAT partition on it but i couldnt recover anything else beyond that.