Nitrokey Storage doesn't work under Win10 build 1809

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I just got Win 10 build 1809 forced down my throat on one of my Windows machines and it causes my Nitrokey storage to stop working. I’m using version 1.3.1 of the app (firmware on the key is 0.52) and as soon as I start the app, the messages “Nitrokey disconnected” appears. Needless to say it used to work on this machine.

When I try on another Win10 machine running build 1803, it works just fine. Any ideas?


Hi Hoopy,

I could reproduce and created an issue. We work on it, thanks for letting us know!

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We have published today a new tool for users of Windows 10 1809 (and newer), and Storage v0.52 (and older). It is a bootable image, which allows to unlock the Storage device update feature. The guide for using it is located here: Using the bootable image. This should be a one-time operation, to allow to flash firmware v0.53, using which device can communicate under Windows 10 1809. Further updates will be possible to run with the Nitrokey Update Tool, as in the main firmware update guide.


to make it easier to follow the process, one can find instructions with screenshots here.

Hope it helps.

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thanks for the nice instructions.
Upgrading the Nitrokey Pro to Firmware version 0.10 was no problem.
Just one question about the Password-Safe. Could it be that the content of the Password Safe and the OTP Slots are stored on the STM Chip? I did (full-)erase the STM-Chip before flashing the new Firmware to it and now all my entries are gone. No big deal for me since i have a backup, just curious if this happend because i deleted the whole flash memory.


edit: i just saw that i posted this in a wrong thread. sorry for that.

That’s correct.

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Just wanted to add, that PWS data is encrypted with the smart card’s AES key. In case the latter would be cleared, the PWS data would be inaccessible as well.


I’m one of the customers affected by this, Nitrokey Pro here. Contacted support and, from what I understood, my options are:

  • Send the key back to the factory for flashing, at my own expense

  • Build a custom cable from parts obtained somewhere somehow, and that includes a soldering iron and solder. Break open the device in order to short two pins and proceed to flash new firmware.

  • Throw Nitrokey on trash (?)

I see the following situations here:

  • Was this a bad design decision from Nitrokey that led it to break under an OS update, since I didn’t hear the same from competing hardware?

  • Is this a bad design decision from Nitrokey in having the need for a special, hand built, cable in order to perform firmware updates?

Since I live in a different continent, shipping would cost more than half the price of a new device.

I can live with breaking the device apart and shorting two pins, but I’m pretty sure I have applied firmware upgrades in the past on different hardware over regular USB cables.

Regardless, I will be the one paying for these mistakes. Very sad.

Wondering if is there any workaround, registry key or something to make it work again.

Thanks & Regards.