Nitrokey Storage is Available: Benchmarks available?

The new Nitrokey storage is now available:

Are there benchmarks provided my the Nitrokey?

Or could owner of the Nitrokey storage post benchmark results here?

I would suggest using the H2testw tool (sorry the user interface is German only and seem not to be localized but the tool is good):

I want to use the benchmark results to decide which storage size I’m going to buy (are there big differences in the read and write performance?).

PS: I have a commercial crypto stick which is damn slow (writing) but what is as expected and acceptable due to hardware encryption.
So slow performance does not hinder me to buy a stick!

I didn’t use h2testw but some other tools which give about 7 MByte/s read and write performance. The performance for all three Nitrokey Storage devices are identical.

Thx for the first read/write perf. indication!

Would it be possible to publish the result of the Ubuntu’s “disks” tool benchmark instead of “H2testw”?

I mean the GUI based “disks” tool installed by default…