NItrokey storage: Use it as normal unecrypted USB stick without PIN?

Could I use the Nitrokey Storage as normal USB stick without having to enter the user PIN?

I know that the files would be stored as-is (unencrypted) then.

Could I then still use the RSA/gpg key with the user PIN for decryption?

I am asking because I think of using Nitrokey as pure USB stick to transfer
GPG encrypted files and messages from a possibly compromised computer
to a secure computer and encrypt the files then on the secure computer with
the RSA/GPG key stored on the same Nitrokey stick.

This would avoid always carrying and using two USB sticks (a normal one for the file storage and transport
and the Nitrokey for decryption)…

By default, the Nitrokey has a couple of disk types:

  • There is absolutely an unencrypted volume. It’s just a plain 'ol flash disk. No encryption, no PIN.
  • There is also an encrypted volume, that can be toggled on and off. You need a PIN to make it visible and use it.

So the workflow you describe would technically work.

Just be sure that I understood you right:

I can have an unecrypted and an encrypted volume/partition on the NItrokey Storage in parallel?

This would allow using an air-gapped encryption/decryption machine with a single USB stick: Nitrokey Storage.

  • You do have an unencrypted and and encrypted disk on the Nitrokey in parallel.
    • It is also the default configuration.
    • When you plug it in, the unencrypted disk mounts
    • You use the Nitrokey app to unlock the encrypted disk.
    • At that point, both disks are available.
    • I’d send screenshots from various OSes, but I’m on my phone right now.
  • Yes, it will work in an air-gapped situation, with no need for an additional disk. You can just copy data from the unencrypted disk to the encrypted one (and back).
    • Never forget that Stuxnet is an example of malware that spread through an air gapped computer.
    • I don’t mean to imply there’s a problem, just that you carefully consider if an air gap will actually benefit you.